Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome to "Notes from the Barn" - the Cumbancha Blog

Hello world. Cumbancha will be using this blog to post interesting news about our artists and keep in touch with our fans and colleagues in the blogosphere.

Cumbancha is a new record label founded by Jacob Edgar,
an Ethnomusicologist and music producer who for the past eight years
has been the head of music research and product development at famed
independent record label Putumayo World Music. It has
been Edgar's job to travel the world in search of exceptional artists
and songs for Putumayo's critically acclaimed and commercially
successful compilations of music from all over the globe. Over the
years, Edgar kept coming across artists he felt deserved wider
recognition and assistance in bringing their music to the world stage,
and he decided to form Cumbancha to address that need.

For more about Cumbancha and what we have been up to until now check us out here

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