Friday, December 28, 2007

Cumbancha Gets a Best of 2007 Nod from Rhapsody

The digital retailer Rhapsody made a special mention of Cumbancha in its roundup of the most notable events in world music in 2007. The return of Manu Chao topped the list, but the launch of Cumbancha came in second. We’ll let Manu have his day in the sun...!

Here’s what Rhapsody had to say:

2. The Launch of Cumbancha Records
World-music heavyweight Putumayo lost its A&R head Jacob Edgar in 2006, and just a year later, his new label Cumbancha was cleaning up at Womex and the BBC Radio 3 Awards with numerous nominations. One listen to their short list of 2007 releases will convince you these guys know music: newcomer Dobet Gnahore charmed us; Habib Koite (finally) returned in amazing form; and Andy Palacio's Wátina topped many critics' lists as the best world release of 2007. We expect more sonic heat from this label in 2008.

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