Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moving Tributes to Andy from NPR & PRI

Two tributes to Andy Palacio aired on public radio yesterday.

Marco Worman of PRI's The World appreaciation, including clips from Andy's WOMEX acceptance speech and an interview with Desere Arana of Umalali: the Women's Garifuna Project, can be found here.

Melissa Block interviewed Yasser Musa, the president of the National Institute of Culture and History in Belize, who spoke to Andy's musical and cultural legacy. You can listen to the piece here.


rai88 said...

Andy has been a very close friend of my family ever since I was a child. He'd come over to hang out with my fam and I and tell us stories of his experiences. He always encourage me to go on and "Kick @$$" in school. I am now in New York doing just that! I pledge to be a part of the moving force that will keep his memory, music and Legacy alive

Anonymous said...

It's very sad to hear of such a good artist passing, I got to know and love Andy Palacio and his music when i was a little girl. when i went to high school he would be hanging out on Albert street and whenever we passes by he would say hi or just look at me, I would pretend not to be looking but it was sweet to see a "STAR" in my eyes actually saying and looking at me :-). I will miss him so much :-(. My thoughts and prays goes out to his family stay strong and keep his memories alive always. Peace Shelly (A big Fan)