Monday, January 21, 2008

Reactions to the Loss of Andy Palacio

Dear all:

News about the untimely demise of Andy Palacio has been spreading across the world, and we have received hundreds of messages offering condolences and support. Please feel free to post your own thoughts and memories about Andy at Andy’s MySpace page ( and on the Cumbancha blog ( The messages coming in from all corners of the globe have been very moving.

A number of major media outlets have published or will be publishing obituaries, including the New York Times, Reuters, El Pais, CBC Canada, Chicago Sun-Times, Le Monde, The Guardian, Liberation, among others. I have posted links to some of these at the bottom of this note.

People in Belize and Garifuna people everywhere have been mourning Andy’s death. On Friday morning, there will be a tribute concert at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City. The funeral ceremony will take place on Saturday in Barranco, the small village in southern Belize where Andy was born and raised. His body will be brought by boat (weather permitting) to Barranco, where there will be a traditional Garifuna wake as well as a Catholic service.

A foundation is being established in Andy’s name, where people can make donations. Information will be posted on the MySpace page and Cumbancha blog as soon as that becomes available.

A major tour was in the works for Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective with special guests Umalali starting in April and running through the fall. After discussing it with the musicians and agents, everyone agrees that Andy would have wanted this tour to continue, in tribute to his memory and to further his goal of exposing Garifuna music and culture to the world. A number of rising stars of Garifuna music will be added to the lineup, and we are confident that this tour will be a magical tribute to Andy and his work.

Best wishes,

Jacob Edgar


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Anonymous said...

Andy Palacio was an amazing musician and human being. "Watina" stands out as one of 2007's best albums. His loss is a loss for the world of music,the Garifuna, and Belize. He was on the verge of bringing Garifuna music into the consciousness of the world,achieving so much. Andy Palacio will be missed. May there be blessings on his friends and family.

michaelramos said...

I'm still in shock over Andy's sad passing. It is always difficult, but it is all the more painful because of the worldwide recognition Andy Palacio was receiving for his brilliant body of work. I will continue to pray for Andy, his family, the entire nation of Belize, and his nation of friends and fans