Thursday, March 27, 2008

Umalali Featured NPR Program “Day to Day”

Umalali: The Garifuna Women’s Project Featured on the National Public Radio Program “Day to Day”

March 24, 2008 – The nationally syndicated news and information program “Day to Day” profiled the new Cumbancha release, Umalali: The Garifuna Women’s Project on their show on March 24th. Reviewer David Was discussed the fascinating history of the Garifuna people and this monumental recording project which was over ten years in the making. Was compares the emotionally stirring voice of Umalali singer Silvia Blanco with French legend Edith Piaf, and he states “Garifuna culture may be be endangered, but the Women's Project creates a legacy that will endure.”

The full piece can be read and heard at:

Heard on over 100 NPR stations around the US, “Day to Day” represents major media exposure for this new album, which was released by Cumbancha on March 18th. Members of Umalali are touring the US in April as part of the Andy Palacio Tribute Tour. For more information on the album and the tour, visit

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