Friday, August 22, 2008


From LoveFM in Belize:


August 19, 2008

The Andy Palacio Foundation will be officially launched tomorrow. Love news spoke with Raphael Martinez who told us how the Foundation came about and what are its objectives.

Raphael Martinez; Co-Founder of the Foundation

“In April of this year a group of family and friends we got together and we wanted to continue the legacy of Andy Palacio, this national hero as referred to by our Prime Minister in his speech and I am sure we all agree that he deserves no less; that is to be honored in this regard. With this in mind we got together and we decided to form this Andy Palacio Foundation and the objectives are to preserve and promote the legacy of Andy Palacio, Belize’s great music icon, cultural ambassador and UNESCO artist for peace, also to establish an Andy Palacio Museum in his native village of Barranco, his home, Barranco and also to establish the Andy Palacio Trust Fund. We also want to use this forum to spread information and knowledge about the life and work of Andy Palacio, to promote music and to assist with its expansion and development through training, performances, production, to publish and produce catalogues, special editions, postcards, posters, prints, t-shirts, written works by creative persons, musical and other electronic materials, and to facilitate interaction amongst creative persons and institutions and other authorities within this area. We have quite a few activities that will be coming up as well including the launching of a book on the life of Andy Palacio and the Image Factory is behind this initiative., Getting back to the group of family and friends who decided to start up the Andy Palacio Fund just to name a few, myself, Marion Cayetano, Ivan Duran, Loretta Garcia Palacio, Vincent Palacio, Jeremy Enriquez, Uani Palacio, Sherlette Slusher, Nita Palacio, Raquel Battle, Rozelle Flores, Joseph Palacio, Yasser Musa, Darius Avila, Gilvano Swasey and Harold Arzu. These are the family and friends who decided to come together to form this Andy Palacio Foundation to actually carry on the legacy of our great musical icon and national hero, Andy Palacio.”

The event is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at two o’clock.

Raphael Martinez; Co-Founder of the Foundation

“It will be family and friends actually sharing their experiences with Andy Palacio as well as some entertainment and some refreshments as we look back at what paved the way to this initiative with the Andy Palacio Foundation. We will be showcasing quite a few things tomorrow. I will not be letting the cat out of the bag, I want as many people to come and view for themselves, be entertained as well as share in the life and times of this icon, Andy Palacio so just be there and I will assure you that you will leave from there encouraged in his footsteps.”

The launch of the Andy Palacio Foundation will be held at the BlissCenter for the Performing Arts.

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