Friday, November 14, 2008

Tribute to Andy Palacio in Antigua November 22nd

The Garifuna Collective and Umalali in Concert
Sat. 11/22 | 5:00PM
Santa Isabel, Antigua GUATEMALA –

As part of the annual celebration of Garifuna Settlement day, The Garifuna Collective and Umalali will perform at a Tribute to Andy Palacio concert in Antigua, Guatemala. Garifuna Settlement Day marks the arrival of the first Garifuna to Belize in 1832 and is celebrated throughout Belize and Central America. The performances with include the Garifuna Collective, Umalali featuring Garifuna women from Guatemala, Los Chupacabras, Jovenes Garifunas Generacion 2, and additional music from Guatemala.

The Andy Palacio Tribute – The Garifuna Collective & Umalali will benefit Niños de Guatemala (NGG), an Organización no Gubernamental (ONG), or non-governmental organization.

A Tribute to
Andy Palacio & the Garifuna

The Garifuna (pronounced ga-RI-foo-nah) are descendants of West African slaves who were shipwrecked in 1635 off the coast of what is now the island of St. Vincent. Garifuna villages arose on the coasts of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize. There are now an estimated 250,000 Garifuna people worldwide, a minority culture under pressure from assimilation and coastal development.

The prime minister of Belize gave Mr. Palacio the Order of Meritorious Service in September 2007, and in November, Mr. Palacio was named a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Artist for Peace.

Sadly on January 19, 2008, Mr. Palacio suddenly fell ill and passed away due to a stroke. Indeed, the Garifuna Collective includes a number of exceptional artists who represent the depth of Garifuna musical expression. The album Wátina featured many of these talents, and Planeta en Ritmo have invited some of them to join the tour and offer up their voices in celebration of Andy's memory and his broader mission of bringing Garifuna music to the world. The show will feature Lloyd Augustine, one of Belize's most popular young musicians. He is blessed with an amazing voice and stage presence. In addition, three women from theUmalali project will be participating in this performance.

We are certain that this lineup will produce a concert experience that will be truly moving and memorable.

In Belize, Mr. Palacio was nationally known as both a musician and an advocate for Garifuna culture. “Watina,” his album with the Garifuna Collective, was acclaimed as one of the best world music releases of 2007. As recognition for his outstanding contribution to the international music community, Mr. Palacio posthumously received the BBC3 Award for World Music in the Americas Category in 2008.

Please spread the word and join us as we commemorate the life and mission of Andy Palacio with this special concert in memory of this beloved icon of Garifuna music and culture.

Niños de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala was founded in 2006 through a collaboration between a group of Dutch citizens with Guatemalan citizens. Niños de Guatemala is the Guatemalan counterpart of the Dutch foundation NDG NL Registred in Guatemala under SIRPEJU 03071019184.

The foundation aims to contribute to a better future for Guatemala and its inhabitants. NDG’s mission is to offer education in those parts of Guatemala where it is most needed. By doing this, NDG hopes to improve the lives of the children that attend the educational projects. The foundation does not have any aim to make profit.

In order for the responsibility to be given to the local community, the school shall be run completely by Guatemalan staff. To commit the people of Guatemala – and especially those of Ciudad Vieja – to the project, they will be involved with day-to-day-operations of the school. The school will be completely run by the local staff from day one and in 2014 the school aims to reach complete economic self-sufficiency. The school will not only contribute to the lives of many children, but also to the lives of its local staff and the community of Ciudad Vieja.

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