Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Novalima's newest featured as KCRW's "Today's Top Tune"

LA's key taste-making radio station KCRW is featuring a track from Novalima's new recording today in their series "Today's Top Tune". The featured track "Concheperla" is from their upcoming release Coba Coba which will be released January 13th on Cumbancha.

Visit KCRW's website to download the track.

Visit Novalima's myspace page to hear more from Coba Coba and register for updates.

Based on one of the most recognized melodies in Peru, "Concheperla" (Pearl Shell/Mother-of-Pearl) is a marinera, a dance and musical style from the north coast that is widely considered the country's national dance. Originally composed in the late 1800s in patriotic tribute to the Peruvian Navy (marinero translates as 'mariner'), the song can be heard in public squares, concerts and dance competitions across Peru.

The song has gone through a number or permutations, and was first transcribed and arranged by Rosa Mercedes Ayarza, the great-grandmother of Novalima founding member Rafael Morales. One of Peru's most important musicologists, Rosa Mercedes dedicated herself to transcribing many old Afro-Peruvian songs, many of which surely would have been lost to time if not for her efforts.

Marineras are most often played by military style brass bands and Novalima pays homage to this tradition by featuring the trumpet player from the Barcelona-based street band Mañana Me Chanto. Novalima percussionist Mangüe Vasquez provides the vocal exclamations and rhythmic cries that enhance the Afro-Peruvian rhythm of their rendition.

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