Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ABC's Good Morning America airs feature on Rupa

The mainstream and highly viewed news program Good Morning America featured a piece on Rupa & the April Fishes last weekend focusing on the dual career path chosen by the band's role crossing and boundary defying leader. Take a look for yourself here:

In a post on, Rupa commented on the piece saying,
"It's interesting how people see music as a passion and medicine as a way to make money. i think there's a narrow view of passion perhaps. for me, both are passions. and both are means of making a living. it certainly looks more passionate to be playing music. but how do you show the fire of deep inquiry and connection with patients?"

Rupa & the April Fishes are set to release "este mundo", their second international album on the Cumbancha label, in October of this year. Become a fan of the band on Facebook and keep in touch for free song previews, videos and more.

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