Thursday, January 21, 2010

Huffington Post weighs in early on "Rise & Shine"

The Huffington Post's Derek Beres came in early with a very positive review of Rise & Shine, the upcoming album from Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. The review points to the band's strong development since their debut album and the positive message they carry through the music.

"Their reggae inspiration swirls strongly, "Jah Mercy" and "Jah Come Down" being obvious indicators. The addition of keyboards and clean, sharp percussion add more depth to their delectable melodies, and the opening rhythm of "Muloma" and the tribal "Oruwiebie" promise that the band never severs their pure African roots. On their debut, the charm was in the intimacy; here, it is simply great songwriting with incredible production. None of their message--unity, cultural celebration, spiritual salvation--is lost, and so much is gained." - Derek Beres, Huffington Post [emphasis added]

Read the full article here. Derek is a good source to follow for tips on the cutting edge of global fusion.
Rise & Shine will be available in North America on March 23rd, 2010.

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