Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars New Album Rise & Shine Now Available!

Rising Like a Phoenix From the Ashes of Destruction...

Born out of struggle and violence, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have persevered through unimaginable horror to become one of the most celebrated musical groups out of West Africa. Rise & Shine, the band's long awaited second album, captures their indomitable courage and drive to creating a better and more peaceful world. Cumbancha is incredibly proud to be part of their remarkable story and is very pleased to announce the release of Rise & Shine for sale in the Americas today.

“It’s been a long struggle out of the war, out of miserable conditions,” notes Band founder Ruben Koroma, “So now we are trying to develop ourselves as a band and be based in our country. We are really moving towards finding ways of elevating ourselves somehow. But we do not just think about ourselves alone, we try to bring out sensitive issues that are affecting the world. It is all of our responsibility that the masses are suffering. We bring our positive messages into the world so we can expect a positive change in the world. And, most importantly, bring about peace.”

“Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have tapped into the music’s transformative powers...Rise & Shine is a testament to the unbreakable human spirit.” - Relix

“...Simply great songwriting with incredible production. None of their message--unity, cultural celebration, spiritual salvation--is lost, and so much is gained.” - Huffington Post

“...their rebel spirit and unflagging positivity remain intact, and their groove is even tougher. Rise & Shine is at once more nuanced and sophisticated...and more primal than its predecessor...” - Boston Phoenix

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