Monday, May 10, 2010

The Refugee All Stars & FitPlanet Partner for the Environment

Leading environmental services provider launches “Artists for a Fit Planet” to reduce the band’s environmental footprint on their US concert

Athletes for a Fit Planet LLC, a leading provider of environmental services to athletic events, is excited to be partnering with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars to help green their 30-city concert tour across the US this spring.
“We launched FitPlanet in January 2008 with the mission of greening athletic events,” said Bruce Rayner, chief green officer and founder of FitPlanet, “but when Michael O’Neil and Zach Niles at Audience approached us with the opportunity to support SLRAS’s tour we jumped at the opportunity.
The All Stars are a group of musicians who escaped the horrific violence of Sierra Leone's civil war a decade ago, landed in a West African refugee camp and formed a band to keep their spirits up and their hopes alive. They've known the horrors of war firsthand and have become ambassadors of peace.
FitPlanet will be offsetting the emissions from the band’s cross-country bus tour and air travel. FitPlanet will also provide information at their concerts and festivals on steps fans and concert operators can take to be more environmentally responsible.
“We love The All Stars’ infectious upbeat music, I am personally a big fan” said Rayner, “but they are more than just a band. Their story of resilience after years of war and turmoil resonates deeply with audiences around the world.
“The band is shining a light on the social and environmental woes of West Africa and we are honored to help then communicate their message and encourage fans to support their efforts to heal war-torn regions of the world,” said Rayner.
The All Stars’ official charity is the International Rescue Committee, which has been providing aid to refugees of war around the world since 1933.
To mark its support for the All Stars’ tour, FitPlanet is launching Artists for a Fit Planet at, which will provide educational materials and environmental services to bands, concert venues, and fans to help minimize the waste to landfills, and reduce and offset the carbon footprint of travel and events.

About AUDIENCE, Inc.: AUDIENCE is an artist cooperative of talented musicians and passionate music fans committed to changing the way the music business works.
The goal is to create an artist co-op that enables musicians to raise the funding they need to tour and create their music while allowing them to retain ownership and higher percentage of the revenue from the sale of their art. Also, AUDIENCE enables a closer relationship with the loyal fans that appreciate the music. The interconnected sites are a place where the artists can share what they are up to and allow fans and artist to stay more closely connected.
For more information contact Michael O’Neil at or visit:

About FitPlanet
Launched in January 2008, FitPlanet has grown to become a leading provider of eco-services to athletic events, including some of the most prestigious marathons in the US and Canada. April 2010 marks the company’s entry into the music business with the support of the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and the launch of Artists for a Fit Planet, which will provide education and environmental services to bands, concert venues and fans. For more information contact Bruce Rayner, Chief Green Officer, at and visit

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