Monday, October 25, 2010

Cumbancha now booking for 2011/12 - Sergent Garcia, Freshly Ground, Novalima and more

Cumbancha is currently seeking bookings in the US and Canada and some international territories for Sergent Garcia, Novalima, Luísa Maita, BombinoRazia Said and Freshlyground. Most urgently, we're looking for:

Novalima and the Coba Sound System in the first half of January 2011
Luísa Maita for the second half of March 2011. Luisa will be performing at SXSW and touring from there.

All artists will be on tour during summer 2011, other windows indicated below.

Cumbancha is attending WOMEX in Copenhagen this week. If you are also attending and would like to meet, please be in touch at we can arrange a time.

Sergent Garcia – The salsa-reggae superstar will be releasing a phenomenal new album on Cumbancha in March 2011. With an amazing live show and large fan base, Sergent Garcia's Latin/reggae/rock sound is perfect for festivals and venues of all genres.

Band size: 10 on stage, 12-14 on the road

NORTH AMERICA TOUR WINDOWS: Early Summer 2011, Late Summer to Early Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Novalima - Novalima blends soulful Afro-Peruvian music with cutting-edge grooves and their amazing live show consistently blows audiences away. New album hitting in May 2011.

Band Size – 9 on stage, 11 on the road / Coba Sound System is 1-3 people

NORTH AMERICA TOUR WINDOWS: First half of January 2011, Summer 2011, September 2011, Spring 2012

Bombino – An amazing young guitarist with a cult-like following in the Tuareg community of the Sahara region, Omar "Bombino" Moktar is the subject of new documentary film and will be releasing a new album on Cumbancha in June 2011.

Band Size – 4 on stage, 5 on the road

NORTH AMERICA TOUR WINDOWS – Summer and Fall 2011, Winter/Spring 2012

Luísa Maita – A young Brazilian singer that NPR has called "The New Voice of Brazil", Maita has earned a huge buzz through her sultry, hip songs. She will be appearing at SXSW in March 2011.

Band Size – 4 on stage, 5 on the road

NORTH AMERICA TOUR WINDOWS – Second half of March 2011, Summer 2011, September 2011, Spring 2012

Razia Said – Marvelous singer from Madagascar with a strong environmental focus. Based in New York, performs both upbeat and mellow sets that are excellent for all venues, especially looking for environmentally themed events and conferences.

Band Size – 4 to 6 on stage / 5 to 7 on the road

NORTH AMERICAN TOUR WINDOWS – All periods available

Freshlyground - Well-known for their collaboration with Colombian superstar Shakira on the Official World Cup song "Waka Waka". The 7-piece band has performed sold out tours across the globe, achieved gold and platinum album sales, and are considered one of South Africa’s top cultural exports. 

Band Size – 7 on stage / 9-10 on the road

NORTH AMERICA TOUR WINDOWS – March 2011 (after SXSW), Summer 2011, Spring 2012

For more information or to book these artists please contact

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